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Vachelia Robusta SSP. Usambarensis

(Previous Name Acacia Robusta)
Family: Fabaceae, Leguminosae – Mimosaceae
KWS: Mgunga
Gir: Mtsemeri/Mgunga

Self seeded. This is a small to medium, upright, deciduous thorn tree consisting of a narrow crown. Up
to 10m. Creamy pompom flowers. The strongly scented flowers attract bees and butterflies, and many other insects. The seed pods are eaten by herbivores and monkeys. Vachelia roots are nitrogen fixing making it suitable for underplanting. Larval host to many butterflies.

The roots and stem bark as medicines for chest pains, colds and coughs.

Available: Kivukoni Indigenous Tree Nursery.

Valchellia may be host to the below butterflies (refer Valchellia Butterflies):

  • Azanus jesous – African Babul Blue
  • Eicochrysops hippocrates- White Tipped Blue
  • Chloroselas pseudozeritis -Brilliant Gem
  • Anthene amarah – Leaden Ciliate Blue
  • Anthene otacilia – Kikuyu Ciliate Blue
  • Aphnaeus zanzibarensis – East African Silver Spot
  • Charaxes zooline – Club-tailed Charaxes
  • Axiocerses punicea – Rainforest Scarlet
  • Axiocerses harpax – Common Scarlet


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