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Gymnanthemum Hildebrandtii Vatke

(Previously Vernonia hildebrantii)
Family: Asteraceae -Compositae
GIR: Mlaza-koma

Woody shrub, scandent, Self seeded. Propogate from seeds, cuttings, wildlings. Slightly invasive.

A very popular nectar food for butterflies. The roots are used in traditional medicine.

Moth host –

  • Basiothia charis,
  • Ludia orinoptena Karsch

Kleinia Abyssinica Var Hilderbrantii

Family: Asteraceae

An succulent perennial herb with long stems us to 45cm tall. Fleashy tuberous rootstock, Red /orange flowers around 30mm diameter with a lonf flowering period. Very attractive nectar plant for butterflies.

Propogate by seed or branch cuttings.

Image shown is K. galpinii (K. abyssinica to follow when I acquire one)