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Hibiscus Schizopetalus

Family: Malvaceae

Commonly cultivated shrub up to 3M tall. Easily grown from cuttings. Full sun, partial shade. Orange ‘frilly’ flowers. Flowers throughout the year.
Popular with sunbirds.

Available at coastal nurseries

Larval host plant to:

  • Spialia diomus – Grizzled Skipper

Adansonia Digitata

Family: Malvaceae
ENG: Baobab
KWS: Mbuyu
GIR: Muuyu

Tree 5m – 25m
This is the finest tree on the coast and a mythical tree throughout Africa. My tree is very slow growing (about 2m after 14 years), but I have seen some trees grow to 3m after a couple of years. I am fortunate to look onto Kivukoni Schools mature baobab.

Leaves and pulp are eaten. The seeds are used for oil, the bark for rope and fabric, the pods for ornaments and lamp shades. The tree has its own eco-system and is attractive to insects and birds. The flower nectar is drunk by fruit bats and bush babies (who also pollinate the tree).

Available – local nurseries