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Lamiaceae (Labiatae)

Volkameria Glabra

(Previously Clerodendrum Glabrum)
Family: Lamiaceae
GIR: Mkula-usiku
TSW: Mtozatoza

This is a small tree with smelly leaves and scented flowers. The flowers attract many insects, especially butterflies.

Self seeded

Possibly larval host to:

  • Precis archesia – Garden Inspector
  • Precis octavia – Gaudy Commodore

Tinnea Aethiopica

Family: Lamiaceae

Shrub, 0.8m –5 m tall. Scented corolla dark reddish brown or blackish purple.
Forest underplant.
Traditionally timber is used to burn for aromatic smell, and for spear handles.

Available from Kivukoni Indigenous Tree Nursery.

I do not have permission to use any Kenya photographs of Tinnea aethiopica. The Tinnea rhodesiana from Zambia looks similar, images hopefully to be replaced with the real thing.