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Rauvolfia Mombasiana

Family: Apocynaceae
KSW: Mti-sumu
GIR: Mumasia

A sparse evergreen tree up to 9m. The orange fruit is eaten by birds.

The bark is poisonous and used for rat poison. The root is used for medicine including treating malaria.

Selenisa affulgens

Available from Kivukoni Indigenous Tree Nursery

Hunteria Zeylanica

Family: Apocynaceae
GIR: Mudigizo-mwitu

Evergreen shrub or tree to 15M.

The tree is used as a food, medicine and source of wood and latex. Sweet-scented white flowers. The 3cm long yellow orange fruit is edible.

Twigs and leaves are insecticidal. The bark has alkaloids.

Ancylobotrys Petersiana

Family: Apocynaceae
GIR: Mutongazi/Mutungazi
DUR: Muhonga/Muhonga-udide

Self seeded.

Scrambling shrub with fragrant white flowers and yellow fruit (flesh is edible – but the skin may be poisonous)

The stem and leaves are used as a good luck charm.

Adenium Obesum

Family: Apocynaceae
KSW: Madiga
GIR: Mwanyoka/Mwadiga

This is a low maintenance spectacular shrub very suited to coastal gardening. Grows from seed.

This species is understood to be poisonous, but it is used medicinally.

Shrub available from local nurseries.