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The Checklist of Coastal Forests lists 20 Genera, 25 Species

I am growing

  • Deinbollia borbonica
  • Lecaniodiscus fraxinifolius
  • Majidea zanguebarica

Grow from seed.
Seed must be cleaned and sown as soon as possible—within a day is best. The seed takes about 2–3 weeks to germinate with bottom heat or a warmer ambient temperature.

Sapindaceae butterflies /moths
Growing Rare Plants – Geoiff Nichols

Sapindaceae are host plants to:

  • Charaxes varanes- Pearl Charaxes
  • Euphaedra neophron – Gold-banded Forester
  • Euxanthe wakefieldi – Forest Queen
  • Deudorix dariaves – Back-and-orange Playboy
  • Egybolis vaillantina – Peach Moth


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