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Rhodopentas Bussei K. Krause

(Previously Pentas Bussei)
Family: Rubiaceae
GIR: Mangi

Multi-branched shrub 0.6–2.5 m. tall. Sometimes scrambles/ supports itself on other plants Grow on the cliff face and self seeded. Also grow from cuttings.

Red /orange flowers throughout the year. A popular nectar food plant for butterflies.

Rhodopentas parvifolia (Hiern) is also recorded at the coast

Heinsia Crinita Subsp. Parviflora

Family: Rubiaceae
KSW: mfiyofiyo
GIR: Mulanza / Mshosho

Shrub up to 3 m. Flowers jasmine-scented; Fruit ellipsoid, with a crown of persistent, leaf-like calyx lobes, orange when ripe. Fruit is edible. The stem is used for arrow shafts.

Can be propagated from seed.

Available: Kivukoni Indigenous Tree Nursery

Feretia Apodanthera

Family: Rubiaceae
GIR: Mngambo-kapehe

Scrambling shrub or small tree. The top layer of the bark is reddish and flaking. Young branches pubescent. Leaves opposite, oblanceolate to obovate, borne on the new branches; densely reddish-brown pubescent below. Flowers white, flushed with pink, solitary or in clusters, borne on the branches and stems. Fruits near-spherical, often crowned with the remains of the calyx; deep red when mature.

(Flora of Zimbabwe)