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The Checklist of Coastal Forests lists 20 Genera, 25 Species

I am growing

  • Deinbollia borbonica
  • Lecaniodiscus fraxinifolius
  • Majidea zanguebarica

Grow from seed.
Seed must be cleaned and sown as soon as possible—within a day is best. The seed takes about 2–3 weeks to germinate with bottom heat or a warmer ambient temperature.

Sapindaceae butterflies /moths
Growing Rare Plants – Geoiff Nichols

Sapindaceae are host plants to:

  • Charaxes varanes- Pearl Charaxes
  • Euphaedra neophron – Gold-banded Forester
  • Euxanthe wakefieldi – Forest Queen
  • Deudorix dariaves – Back-and-orange Playboy
  • Egybolis vaillantina – Peach Moth

Ximenia Caffra

Family: Ximeniaceae
ENG: Sour Plum
KSW: mpingi
GIR: Mtundukula

Self-seeded tree up to 6 m tall with spiney branches.

The flowers are small, sweet-scented and creamygreen edible oval fruits 25 mm long deep red when ripe. The fruit are eaten by birds and monkeys. The single large seed inside contains Ximenia oil which has various uses. The leaves and roots are used for traditional medicine.

Larval foodplant to:

  • Axiocerses harpex – Common Scarlet
  • Axiocerses punicea – Rainforest Scarlet
  • Iolaus pallene – Saffron Saphire


The Checklist of Coastal Forests lists 5 Genera, 31 Species

I have growing:

  • Ampelocissus Africana – to follow
  • Cissus quadrangularis


The Coastal Checklist of Forests lists 2 Genera, 10 Species

I am growing:

  • Rinorea ilicifolia


The Coastal Checklist of Forests lists 5 Genera, 17 Species

I have growing

  • Harrisonia abyssinica
  • Zanthoxylum chalybeum var. chalybeum
  • Zanthoxylum holtzianum – to follow


The Checklist of Coastal Forests lists 63 Genera, 137 Species

I am growing:

  • Afrocanthium sp
  • Agathisanthemum bojeri
  • Feretia sp
  • Gardinia volkensii ssp. Volkensii
  • Heinsia crinita ssp. Parvifolia
  • Ixora sp
  • Leptactina platyphylla
  • Mitriostigma greenwayi
  • Pavetta crebrifolia Hiern var. crebrifolia
  • Pentas sp Rhodopentas
  • Polysphaeria parvifolia
  • Psychotria punctata var. punctata
  • Rothmannia sp
  • Vangueria sp