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Mkilua Fragrans

Small tree to 5M high with fragrant flowers.
Grow from seeds & cuttings. Requires shade.

The plant is classified as ‘Vulnerable’ in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

The Mkilau fragrans plant is quite interesting, and it has several unique properties which make it integral to the culture of coastal communities in East Africa. From aphrodisiac to wedding decor, the flower is truly unique…

Essential oils have been extracted for centuries by coastal communities in Kenya—as well as other coastal communities—to provide perfume for social gatherings such as weddings. Mkilau fragrans essential oils are not typically used in used in the perfume industry, however. This results in a lack of incentive to grow these plants, and has ultimately lead to the species to be placed in the “Vulnerable” category in terms of endangerment.

Additionally, Mkiluaynoic acid A, which can be extracted from the fruit of the plant, demonstrates anti-fungal properties.

The fun doesn’t end there. This flower turns out to be an aphrodisiac. Yes…the same flower used in weddings is also the one used in the bedroom. This flower is most notably known for its ability to keep men in the bedroom after the sun has set.

Quoted from – The Mysteries of the Mkilua fragrans, by Max Higgins.

Available from local nurseries


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