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The Checklist of Coastal Forests lists 14 Genera, 44 Species

I have growing:

  • Ipomoea Sp
  • Hewittia malabarica
  • Metaporana densiflora (Hall.f.) N.E.Br.


The Checklist of Coastal Plants Forests 5 Genera, 31 Species

I am growing :

  • Commelina sp.


The Checklist of Coastal Forests lists 4 Genera, 6 Species

I am growing:

  • Rourea orientalis


The Checklist of Coastal Forests lists 7 Genera, 28 Species

I am growing:

  • Cordia subcordata
  • Hilsenbergia petiolaris


The Checklist of Coastal Forests lists 5 Genera, 5 Species.

I am growing:

  • Fernandoa magnifica
  • Kigelia africana
  • Markhamia zanzibarica
  • Stereospermum kunthianum

The seeds are usually winged with papery wings at both ends of the seed, or tight around the seed in one plane. The seed germinates in less than 10 days, provided the soil is damp and warm. Cover the seeds with soil or seedling mix to hold the seeds in place during watering.

Most members of this family are propagated successfully from soft tip and semi-hardwood cuttings at the beginning of the growing season. Tree species may benefit from hardwood cuttings.

Source: Growing rare plants by Geoff Nichols


The Checklist of Coastal Forests list 49 Genera, 82 Species

I would like to grow:

  • Aspilia sp.
  • Kleinia abyssinica vat hilderbrantii
  • Solanecio angulatus
  • Jeffreycia zanzibarensis (Vernonia)
  • Vernonia hildebrandtii Vatke


An annotated checklist of the coastal forests of Kenya, East Africa by Phytokeys (May 2020) lists 7 genera and 40 species.

  • Albuca abyssinica
  • Chlorophytum filipendulum
  • Chlorophytum suffruticosum Baker
  • Chlorophytum heynei
  • Dracaena aletriformis
  • Dracaena fragrans
  • Sansevieria sp


The Checklist of Coastal Forests lists 1 Genus, 1 Species
Cussonia zimmermannii Harms