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An annotated checklist of the coastal forests of Kenya, East Africa by Phytokeys (May 2020) lists 30 genus and 108 species.

I am growing:

  • Asystasia sp.
  • Barleria sp.
  • Barleria maritima I.Darbysh.
  • Ecbolium amplexicaule S. Moore
  • Justicia sp.- to follow
  • Pseuderanthemum hildebrantii
  • Ruellia patula
  • Ruspolia hypocrateriformis
  • Thunbergia holstii Lindau
  • Whitfieldia elongate
  • Thunbergia Kirkii


The seed of all members of Acanthaceae has a capsule that splits open longitudinally to scatter two or four seeds into the environment. The textures of the individual seeds of each genus and even between species vary. The seeds are usually flattened and roundish in shape.

Most members of Acanthaceae grow very easily from cuttings. Growth occurs from tip cuttings taken when the plants are growing actively. Rooting takes place within ten to fourteen days if the bed is bottom-heated and there is mist to keep the shoots cool.

Source: Growing rare plants by Geoff Nichols